Solid State Spectroscopy


2022年11月に発足した新しい研究室です。九州大学 理学研究院 物理学部門 量子物性中講座に所属しています。光を用いて、物質の中の量子力学を研究します。

Our laboratory was established in Nov. 2022. We are a member of Quantum Material Research Group in the Department of Physics, Kyushu University. We investigate quantum phases and phenomena in matter using spectroscopic techniques.

About Us



We are conducting experimental research on the observation and manipulation of quantum phases of matter, including superconductors, using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) and cryogenic techniques. At the same time, we develop new light sources and spectroscopic techniques to explore the emergence of novel quantum phenomena resulting from light-matter interactions.

Our Research


  • 光を「作る」--- Develop New Light Sources


    非線形光学結晶を用いた差周波発生:Difference‐frequency generation (DFG) using nonlinear optical crystals 光伝導スイッチ:Photo-conductive switch

    Terahertz (THz) electromagnetic waves are the lowest energy form of "light". We generate THz waves from near-infrared light pulses emitted by a femtosecond pulse laser using above methods.

  • 光で「測る」--- Spectroscopy


    方向依存性:Orientational dependence超高速応答:Ultrafast responses 非接触:Contactless 反転対称性の破れ:Inversion symmetry breaking

    Using a monochromatic light source, we can selectively excite and investigate specific elementary excitations in matter. Spectroscopic techniques are also advantageous for studying above properties of matter.

  • 光で「動かす」--- Drive by Light


    Light is an oscillating electric field. By using a strong light pulse, we can apply an electric field to matter that exceeds the damage threshold for DC fields. This can drive quasiparticles in the matter through electromagnetic interactions, or modulate quantum states in the matter by periodic electric fields.

  • 超伝導 --- Superconductor


    |Ψ|の振動:物質中のヒッグス粒子 Oscillation of |Ψ|: Higgs particles in matter Ψのトポロジカル欠陥の中の状態:物質中のマヨラナ粒子 Zero modes in a topological defect of Ψ: Majorana particles in matter

    Superconductors have distinctive properties: zero electrical resistance and expulsion of magnetic fields (Meissner effect) described by a single wave function Ψ. We drive and study elementary modes or singularities of Ψ.



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Solid State Spectroscopy Laboratory, Department of Physics, Kyushu University